Video Portfolio

Think of a Video portfolio as an online tool that helps videographers and other professionals tell the story of who they are in an interactive way.

A video portfolio shows off your expertise in your field of business by showing off your skillset and previous work to attract new clients in a video format.

Check out some of my video work…

Showreel Videos

A showreel is a short, edited video montage or footage showcasing someone’s work for the purpose of attracting and converting potential customers. It is also known as a demo reel or a sizzle reel.

Bloody Marketing 2021 Showreel

Bloody Marketing Showreel 2021

Nottingham Studio VFX Showreel 2021

Showcase Videos

A showcase video is a short, interview-style video designed to give a potential client an overview of your business and hopefully get them interested in your products and services.

German Automotive Showcase Video

Granny Mary's Showcase Video

ABC Training Services Showcase Video

Supper Mini UK Showcase Video

Opps Showcase Video

Ethical Cleaning Co Showcase Video

Testimonial Videos

Customers can be great ambassadors for your brand, product, or service. If you can find an existing customer willing to go on video, then, by all means, get them in your video. They can make a great impression on other customers to help explain your product or services through the lens of a customer.

ADC Testimonial for Bubble IT

Granny Mary's Testimonial for Bloody Marketing

Beeston Dental Testimonial for Bubble IT

Testimonial for Andrew Bramley

Audio Testimonial for Andrew Bramley

Testimonial for Andrew Bramley

How-to Videos

Tutorials, let viewers find solutions to a particular problem they might be experiencing. They are a great way to help viewers take a step-by-step walkthrough process. These videos assist viewers to answer questions and instruct them on how to do something.

Comfort Entry Windows for Super Mini UK

DespatchLab Tutorial for On Time Express

Seat Scrub for Super Mini UK

Roof Clean for Super Mini UK

Disco Mode for Super Mini UK

Tail Pipes Clean for Super Mini UK

Animated Explainer videos

Explainer videos that showcase the details of your product or service don’t have to be dry and boring. Spice things up with some animation and make your videos entertaining and engaging.

Animated Showcase Video for Bubble IT

Animated Showcase Video for On Time Express

Animated Showcase Video for Liberate IT

Animated Showcase Video for M4A

Animated Showcase Video for Andrew Bramley

Animated Showcase Video for Nottingham.Studio

Seasonal Videos

There are certain types of videos that are uploaded seasonally or have a seasonal theme to them. For example, many DIY channels will have back-to-school videos in August, and they will have autumn-themed room decoration videos during the Autumn.

There are normally three categories of seasonal videos often seen on YouTube: 1) Back-To-School 2) Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring Themes 3) Holidays

BM Christmas Video 2021

Christmas Music Video for Seagrave French

BM Halloween Video 2021

Horror Story 1 for Seagrave French

Horror Story 2 for Seagrave French

Horror Story 3 for Seagrave French

Social Media Videos

Social media video campaigns have the potential to transform a business, providing rapid results that can send your brand awareness stratospheric. With video, brands can reach never before seen audiences and build trust quickly.

Founding Partners Pitch

Searching for Founding Partners

The Accountant Trailer

Man Eating Squid

Mind Blowing Stats

The Two Fingers of Death

Spend Smarter Explained

The Benefits of a VP Doc

Seagrave French Cribs

Promo Video for Pam

What are Social Bonds

Queens Speech

Solar Panels Animation

Meet Gary