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23rd September 2021

It all started with a mouse.

Since then, animation has become a widespread force that has captured the attention of millions. Why is this?  

Simply, really. It’s because animation allows us the creator to communicate all kinds of emotions and ideas in an entertaining, easy-to-perceive, universal way.  

Now, we’re probably not going to be telling stories about castles, princesses, ogres, talking snowmen, flying carpets, and ADORABLE kittens… 

But we are going to be telling stories about your business and your brand. And in doing so, we’re going to bring it all to life. 

Animated Videos in marketing 

It’s powerful stuff. At Bloody Marketing, we often use animation to convey a brand’s unique benefits in the simplest ways possible. Not just because we love doing it, but also because we know just how effective it can be for engaging and converting customers. 

Here are some results you can expect from our animated videos: 

  • Higher viewership and more shares. There are all kinds of craziness floating around in the vast expanse of the internet – and most of it is boring, over-complicated, and useless. With an animated video, you can cut through all the crap and give your customers something they can quickly, easily, and thoroughly digest. And if the video leaves them feeling entertained, or particularly well informed, there’s a very good chance they’ll share it for others to see. 
  • Have complex topics been simplified? It’s tough to beat a well-made animated explainer video. They can bring concepts to life in a way that text or live video simply cannot achieve. In a matter of seconds, we can have your audience grasping the very essence – and unique benefits – of your product or service.
  • Increase conversion. The only thing that truly matters. Animated videos can do wonders for conversion because they tend to be far more memorable than anything else. Once we’ve impressed your customer with our animation, they won’t be forgetting your brand in a hurry. Now feeling engaged, and having had their questions answered in such a short amount of time, they will feel much more comfortable in proceeding with a purchase. But don’t take our word for it – see the stats for yourself!

With our professional video production studio and our experienced, talented team of animated video makers, we’ll have your brand singing, dancing, and connecting with all the right people. 

Best of all, these little forays of animated magic won’t cost you any extra – it’s all included in the Bloody Marketing Unlimited Package! 

To infinity…

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