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20th November 2022

Bloody Marketing is a full-service marketing agency providing all the strategic and creative firepower you’ll ever need, turning your bloody marketing problems into bloody good results.

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Fully Outsourced, Fully Managed Marketing Agency

When you’ve got a business to run, the last thing you want to be doing is messing about with digital marketing. Doing it yourself takes too much time, managing creatives is a whole thing, and some of the bigger agencies are charging silly money for stand-alone marketing services.

For a fixed monthly fee we become your entire outsourced marketing department, planning and providing a long-term marketing strategy based on your needs and goals. With digital marketing and direct mail campaigns designed and delivered by our in-house team of specialists, you’ll have the time, energy and exposure to continue growing your business.

How Does Our Outsourced Marketing Work?

We develop a long-term marketing strategy for your business and then provide all the creative work to make it sing.

Exactly how it works will depend on the unique nature, requirements and goals of your business. But to give you a rough idea…

In the first three months, your outsourced marketing team will roll out a truck-load of integrated campaigns, including a Value Proposition, branding, a new website, copywriting, showcase videos, testimonials, SEO foundations, content marketing, social media content, review funnels, LinkedIn outreach, and more.

After those three months, we continue to build and optimise your inbound marketing with more SEO, social media marketing and engaging content marketing, while doubling down on targeted outbound campaigns (email marketing, Google ads, social media ads, digital PR, and direct mail etc.) to bring it all home.

Bigger and Better Marketing Strategies, for Less

Again, this all covered by a negligible monthly fee. For less than the cost of hiring a single marketing manager, you get a full in-house team of marketers – including managers, strategists and creatives – who will take care of everything, plying their skills to your business on a daily basis to deliver results.

Ultimately, we provide high-quality, high-impact marketing for you to enjoy at a fraction of the usual hassle and cost.

Our Marketing Services

We provide a full-service outsourced marketing solution, meaning we take care of pretty much everything.

By covering all the necessary marketing channels and bundling it all into a neat, all-inclusive package, we can significantly reduce your marketing costs and help you achieve your business goals.

Marketing Plan

A month-by-month breakdown of how, exactly, you’re going to achieve your business goals.

Value Proposition

A huge document that basically talks about how awesome you are.

Web Design

A shiny new (or improved) website with all the bells and whistles.

Showcase Videos

Because video’s where it’s at.

Animated Videos

Lil’ explainers to inspire and delight your customers.

Testimonial Videos

Let your happy customers do the talking!


To inform, to entertain, to convert.

Graphic Design

Making marketing look pretty.


Let’s keep the Google Gods happy and get you ranking higher.

Social Media Posting

Because social media is quite popular, apparently.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Have your tasty goods seen by the hungriest eyes.

Content Creation

Become a trusted voice in your industry.

Case Studies

Epic stories in which you play the dashing hero.

Lead Capture Funnels

To catch a customer.

5 Star Review Funnels

Look at the stars, see how they shine for you…

Email Marketing

Promotional, acquisitional, retentional… all the good stuff.

LinkedIn Lead Gen

Courting your ideal prospects on LinkedIn.

Adwords & PPC

A few drops of marketing rocket fuel that can make all the difference.

Google My Business

Let’s keep the Google Gods happy.

Digital PR

We’re just showing off now, aren’t we?

Direct Mail

Yep, definitely showing off.

Enough about us… let’s talk about you!

We’d love to talk to you about your business, your history with marketing, and where you’d like to go with it. It’ll just be a casual meeting that won’t cost you a dime. Interested?



Why should you outsource your marketing?

Outsourced marketing provides specialised services to clients at significantly lower rates than hiring a full-time employee. It helps reduce costs associated with continued professional development and new technologies, while freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

Who uses outsourced marketing?

Outsourced marketing is perfect for small-to-medium businesses (SMEs) looking to promote and grow their business. In our case, outsourcing your marketing to a full department is cheaper than hiring a single marketing manager, and far less hassle than using freelancers.

Ambitious brands know that they need a full-time marketer to get more leads and keep up to date with marketing trends, but know that it is not cost-effective. That’s why market leaders hire marketing firms to generate real business value and keep on top of the latest marketing trends.

What is a marketing agency vs an advertising agency?

Marketing and advertising – what’s the difference? Marketing is the broader of the terms – it covers research, branding, communication, promotion and everything in between. Advertising is basically just paying for a space to put your product/service in front of consumers.

For most SMEs, advertising alone isn’t enough. You need to fully uncover your value proposition and find the best way of communicating it before jumping straight into the promotion side of things. Skipping the fundamentals is often why advertising fails!

The best digital marketing agencies build a robust marketing strategy from the ground up, starting with the value proposition. Then comes all the branding, communication and optimisation, and with that all in place, we can more effectively promote your business with paid advertising.

Do you provide digital marketing?

Yes, the majority of the marketing we provide is classed as digital marketing. Our digital marketing services include website development, web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing (e.g a blog post), social media marketing, data analytics, and more.

As a digital marketing agency based in Nottingham, we deliver nationwide marketing campaigns for any medium-sized businesses looking to promote and grow their business online.

How much does it cost to outsource my marketing?

Less than you might think.

If you have the budget to hire a single marketing person, you have the budget to outsource your marketing to an entire department of marketing experts with Bloody Marketing – and you may have some of that budget left over.


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