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1st March 2022

An ode to social media:

Pictures of cats and trees and boats
Tips and tricks and conceited quotes
Online we’re privy to every post
Scrolling through as we eat our toast.

But look up! Look out! Lest you forget
That social media ain’t everything (yet)
So while we light your brand, like a cigarette
Remember – it’s just the bloody internet!

Social Media Marketing

Love it or hate it, our lives – both personal and business – are thoroughly intertwined with the ever-shifting spheres of social media.

Social media can be used by businesses in a myriad of ways, including publishing content, listening to and engaging with customers, acquiring analytics, and of course, advertising. Ultimately, the goal of social media marketing is to build your brand, drive website traffic, and thus increase sales.

If you’re a local SME in pursuit of growth, you won’t really get away with not having any kind of social media presence. But you already know that. The question is, then, how do you do effective social media marketing?

Well, you can leave that to us.

Bloody Social Media Marketing!!

At Bloody Marketing, we most commonly deal with Facebook and LinkedIn. That said, we’re no strangers to the other big platforms, like Twitter and Instagram. We choose social media networks based on where your ideal clients are hanging out. If they’re on LinkedIn, that’s where we’ll be, same for the others.

“What about TikTok?”

Unless you ask really, really, really nicely, we will not be Tikking any Toks.

But we will be doing stuff that actively increases awareness of your brand. Our social media marketing strategies are built to last, leveraging long-form posts, short-form posts, pictures, infographics, videos, and whatever else the brand in question requires to engage customers and drive traffic towards the site.

Your brand is a wellspring of social media potential. Let’s unlock it, shine a light on your business, and connect you to a wealth of new customers – all included in the Bloody Marketing Unlimited Package!


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