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26th September 2021

As a copywriter, allow me to express my frustration at the sheer POWER of testimonial videos.  

See, I could spend hours hunched over a laptop, racking my brains, picking my nose, bashing away at the keyboard until I come with some semblance of wording that could potentially lead to one little sale.  

Then Mr Happy Customer rocks up, all thumbs up and goofy smiles sit in front of a camera, and goes “Yeah haha these guys are great, would recommend!” … and BAM! They’ve just generated HUNDREDS of bloody sales.

Bastards. Beautiful, money-printing bastards.

Bloody Testimonial Video Marketing 

At Bloody Marketing, we of course do testimonial videos for your business. We bloody love doing ‘em. There’s just something particularly potent about seeing a customer in the flesh, on camera, singing praises about a product or service – isn’t there?

Well, you’ll see. They are an unequivocal baller piece of marketing – and they’re about to become a critical component of your marketing machine.  

All you have to do is suggest to us which of your customers you think would make good testimonial material. Then, with your permission, we’ll make it happen. They can either come to our studio (yeah, we have our studio, no biggie), or we’ll travel to wherever they’re located – whichever works best for them. 

We’ll make them feel calm, comfortable, and confident. They’ll have all the prompts and guidance necessary, but otherwise, it’ll be a simple matter of them going to town on your business (in a good way!). Then we work some post-production magic, add it to your website, and just like that, you’ve opened up a gate for a torrent of new sales.  

We can do as many as you like – all included in the Bloody Marketing Unlimited Package. 


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