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20th September 2021

A marketing campaign without a marketing strategy is like a cruise ship without a captain. One minute, you think you’re sailing blissfully beneath sunny skies to the South of France… next minute, the ship hits an iceberg, pirates invade, the engine catches on fire, the ship sinks, and the bar runs out of alcohol (… not necessarily in that exact order).

Too dramatic? Perhaps. Nonetheless, the importance of crafting a comprehensive strategy for your business’s marketing cannot be overstated.

So, then…

What does a Bloody Marketing Strategy look like?

Well, to be perfectly honest, it is not what you might describe as “sexy” marketing. It’s pretty much the opposite.

We take a formulaic approach to developing a marketing strategy. All of our marketing strategies are based on the V-COP™ formulaic marketing plan – a proven technique for producing successful marketing for SMEs – which you can learn more about here. It’s boring, yes, but we do it because it works.

The most important element is the V. Before we get started with your marketing, we have a big meeting with you to establish your business’s Value Proposition. This lays the key foundation of the marketing strategy and shapes all the Communication, Optimisation, and Promotion we do thereafter.

It means there will be no wild goose chases or left-field approaches that would be a waste of your time and money. The strategy will be grounded in logic, and will clearly articulate how we are going to achieve your business’s objectives. At all times, we will follow the blueprint of success – tailored specifically to your business’s unique benefits.

How will this marketing strategy benefit my business?

From the get-go, our strategy will give you full clarity on the kind of marketing that we’ll be doing for your business. This will also give you insights into your market, your ideal customers, and

how to engage said customers in effective ways. Most importantly, it will give you the ongoing confidence that everything is on track.

Ultimately, the marketing strategy is going to be the engine of your marketing machine. The carefully plotted course help you navigate stormy seas. The captain that will steer your ship towards the shores of success.

Bon Voyage.

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