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21st September 2021

You’re throwing a party. You want as many people to come as possible. You’ve spent hours making flyers, going around town spreading the word, posting on social media, telling your friends to tell their friends about what promises to be a truly unmissable and unforgettable night.  

People arrive at the party, all excited. But this is a child-friendly neighbourhood, so loud music is not allowed. There are three policemen present, ensuring everyone behaves. All the bedroom doors are locked – no funny business. People must remove their shoes on entry. You forgot to get snacks. No smoking! No dancing!  

“Well, at least there’s beer!” say your guests, seeing the bottles lined up on the table. But upon the labels are the two of the most devastating words in the English Language, which any self-respecting party-goer would dread to behold: ‘NON-ALCOHOLIC.’  

That’s what it’s like when your website sucks.  

Why Good Web Design? 

Once a potential customer is made aware of your business, you can bet that the first thing they’ll do is check out your website. The sale has NOT been finalised at this point – even if they have been guided towards you via a glowing recommendation. It’s down to the website, therefore, to make the conversion.  

And there is nothing more off-putting for a potential customer than a website that is ugly, barren, or downright dysfunctional.  

Why Bloody Marketing Web Design? 

At Bloody Marketing, we not only understand the necessity of having a high-performing website design in today’s digital landscape but also its importance within the average sales funnel.  

That’s why we will design and deliver a website design for your business that kicks the living cookies out of those of your competitors. Among other things, your website will be: 

  • Complete with a unique, fully-branded design 
  • Supported with high-quality content, including videos and blogs 
  • Jazzed-up with eye-catching graphics 
  • Optimised for SEO (fast loading times, functioning links, etc.) 
  • Mobile friendly 
  • Backed-up and secure 
  • Easy to use and navigate 
  • Designed to convert (plenty of Call to Actions) 
  • Updated whenever and wherever necessary 

A brand-spanking-new website design that looks great, feels great and performs great. So when your guests rock up to your party, unsure of what to expect, they’ll have no choice but to kick off their shoes and let the good times roll. 

Professional web design, and so much more. Welcome to Bloody Marketing!! 

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