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3rd May 2022

Mark Ketting

Marketing & SEO Guru

Want to learn more about me? Google it.
I’d tell you my professional background – but that’s not going to improve your rankings. So I won’t bother telling you…

💪 That I scale six figure businesses for breakfast.
💪 That I’ve written an ebook about SEO.
💪 That I wake up at 3.30 am everyday, write some content, do some yoga, respond to some emails, and shoot out some proposals – all before the sun comes up.

Google doesn’t sleep. Neither should we.

First rule of SEO: every sentence must have its own line.

Walls of text? Get out of my face.

You can have that one for free.

Get in touch for more SEO 🔥🔥🔥

LinkedIn Lead Gen Marketing

LinkedIn currently has well over 700 million users. An ad on LinkedIn can reach 13% of the world’s population. Seeing an ad on LinkedIn can increase purchase intent by 33%. Four out of five people on LinkedIn have the power to “drive business decisions”. When it comes to B2B, LinkedIn is pretty much the dog’s bollocks.

From all of these statistics, and more, we have drawn a very astute conclusion: we’d be absolutely bloody bonkers NOT to market your business on LinkedIn.

Bloody LinkedIn Marketing

Here’s how it’s gonna go down. With your express permission, we will access your LinkedIn accounts (personal and business), give them a bit of a makeover, and then unleash them upon the world.

This will likely involve a bio rewrite as well as a general tinkering of all your profile bits and bobs. Next, we’ll set about connecting you to your ideal customers, specifically targeting qualified decision makers. Then it’ll be time for outreach with ads, posts, and messages, all of which will work towards generating new leads and driving them into your sales funnel.

LinkedIn Leadgen can do huge things for your business – and it’ll work in conjunction with the rest of your marketing, all of which will be managed entirely by us, and included in the Bloody Marketing Unlimited Package.

Profile strength: NUCLEAR

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