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29th September 2021

What is the Royal Yachting Association

The Royal Yachting Association is a United Kingdom national body for dinghy sailing, yacht and motor cruising, sail racing, RIBs and Sportsboats, windsurfing and personal watercraft and a leading representative for inland waterways cruising. It is the national governing body for Olympic sailing in the UK.

Royal Yachting Association – Day Skipper Qualification

I am a qualified Day Skipper which enables me to charter a yacht anywhere in the world. To gain this qualification I completed an intensive 5-day practical course, as well as pass an online theory course.

What is a Day Skipper Qualification

The Day Skipper qualification confirms that the successful candidate has the knowledge needed to skipper a yacht on shorter, coastal cruises during daylight. The Royal Yachting Association administers the qualification, although most of the training is carried out by private companies.

Other Qualifications I have in this area include:

  • Royal Yachting Association – Youth Sailing Scheme Award Stage 3 – Dinghy sailing
  • Royal Yachting Association – Practical Sailing Course – Competent Crew Qualification

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