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19th April 2022

Marketing meeting checklist:

✔️ Talk about dogs
✔️ Talk about Netflix
✔️ Doodle in notebook
✔️ Stare blankly at wall
✔️ Smugly avoid doing actual work
✔️ Contemplate life, the universe, and everything
✔️ Nod in agreement
✔️ Say stuff like “we can implement a scalable strategy”
Think that just about covers it.

Oh, right.
✔️ Reassure client that we are, in fact, kicking ass.

Bloody Quarterly Marketing Meetings!!

We’re no strangers: in addition to regular email updates, and the odd chin-wag on the phone, we’ll meet with you on a quarterly basis for a good old-fashioned catch up.

These quarterly meetings are a great opportunity for us to reflect on our current marketing strategy for your business, and to discuss the ways in which it might be adapted moving forwards. Marketing is a dynamic, ever-changing beast, and though we’ll be taking care of everything ourselves, we like to make sure that you’re kept fully in the loop of what’s going on.

Your place, our place, Zoom, the pub – wherever you like. Let’s have a chat.

Tea or coffee?

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