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27th September 2022

Having a main lockup on your website will help summarise to your visitors what your site is about, as well as lead them to the main action that you want them to do.

Think of this as the title or quick summary of a book.

But in a website sense, it’s the vertical grouping of the header, sub header and the main call to action right there on the page, above the fold in clear view.

It’s the part of your design that will get people interested enough to continue and directs them straight to what you want them to be doing.

Whether it’s signing up, learning more, getting started, start shopping, buy now whatever it is, this is where you want to feature that main action in the main lockup.

Example 1

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Checkout Insequa’s Website you can clearly see there’s a main lockup. They have their main headline “Support for Social Care Providers”, there’s a sub headline that expands on what Insequa does in detail and there’s a main call to action “Talk to the experts”. It’s all there, it’s the first thing you see and it’s locked up together, that is why we call it a main lookup.

It is the main thing about your site, the main action you want them to do “Talk to the experts” and it’s all locked up together. Why, because you want to read it all together and have that main action right in one spot without having to go explore the rest of the site. This is the thing that your visitors come and look for right away. This is what they want!

Example 2

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Here’s another example, now we’ve got one that’s centre lined. Everything is locked up, it’s right there all together, right where you want it. Your Main Headline, your sub headline and your main call to action.

So if you want to improve your website design you need to get a main lockup on your homepage today!

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